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Friday, February 28, 2020

Guava Leaf And Its Importance To Our Health

It So nice to have you back here again as monopodsmile.com is here to give you apt tips that will help you to live a very healthy life. With www.monopodsmile.com you won't have to lack knowledge about the basic things that you should know and lots more, about your health.
We previously talked about Guava leaf and some of its benefits. If you have not read that, please ensure that you do so because we are continuing from where we stopped.
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It's high time you start giving guava leaf attention because of the many wonderful health benefits that it has to offer. 
Here are some of the health benefits of guava leaf.
1 - Guava Leaf Is Good For Hair Treatment.
Did you know that guava leaf can really help against hair loss? Now you don't have to worry about losing your hair. All you need to do is crush the guava leaf and rub on your scalp regularly. You can also use the concentrated tea from boiled guava leaves to massage your scalp. This will prevent hair loss and help to promote your hair growth. Guava leaf is so important. It's not something worth ignoring.

2 - Guava Leaf; Very Good For Weight Loss.
Guava Leaf contains Quercetin which suppresses and limits the formation of fat cells. It also has Catechin which has fat burning effects in the body. Do you also know that Guava Leaf Tea stops Carbohydrates from turning into Sugar thereby suppressing appetite? This will actually help you lose weight. Guava Leaf is so full of Health Benefits. You should also be among those of us who are enjoying the Health Benefits of Guava Leaf.
Guava Leaf Tea also fights against bad fat in the body system. It reduces LDC and Triglycerides, and it does this so well without side effects.

3 - Guava Leaf Tea also helps against Cough, Cold and Bronchitis. It is very high in Vitamin C and Iron. You can take it with Honey for it to knock out mucus.

4 - Malaria And Typhoid Fever.
Are you suffering from Malaria and Typhoid fever? Guava Leaf Tea is what you need. It is very helpful in the treatment of Malaria.

5 - Stomach Upset and Constipation.
Guava leaves has antibacterial properties and is really good to take for Stomach Upset, Constipation and most Abdominal Infections.

6 - Guava Leaf Is Good For Body Itching caused by Allergies. All you need to do is to crush the Guava Leaf and apply to the affected areas. If you also have Insect Bites; Crush Guava Leaf and apply to the particular area. You will be amazed at the result.
These are more Health Benefits of Guava Leaf that we thought you should know about. Knowledge they say is Power, and monopodsmile.com is here to give you very apt knowledge that we consider useful to you.
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