Friday, April 24, 2020


Bitter kola which is also known as the African wonder nut, is one nut that is so commonly chewed; but many persons do not know the health benefits of Bitter kola, or the side effects, when eaten too much.
I'll tell you today about some of the health benefits of bitter kola.
Bitter kola is a species of flowering plant. It belongs to the Guttiferae family, and it grows in coastal rain forests in the South Western and South Eastern parts of Nigeria.
You can also find it in African countries like Ghana, Liberia, Cameroon and some other African countries.
Jere are some of the health benefits of Bitter kola
1: Bitter Kola can be used to treat malaria. It has chemical properties that allows it to be an anti-malarial catalyst. It contains Kolaviron which is a natural antioxidant and anti inflammatory phytochemicals which has high anti malarial properties. So the next time fever comes knocking at the door, consider Bitter kola.

2: Bitter kola helps pregnancy. Bitter kola helps to combat nausea and vomiting which is common in or with pregnant women thereby making the uterus healthier, normalizes circulation of blood and supplies strength to the expectant mother.

3: Bitter kola is used for treatment of erectile dysfunction. It increases sexual desire in male folks and is used to treat erectile dysfunction.

4: Bitter kola is a good remedy for cold and fever. It has the ability to enlarge the alveolar sac and duct. It provides releaf for chest cold and also prevents cold. So when you have cold or fever, think about bitter kola.

5: Bitter kola contains saponin which is an antioxidant. It has detoxifying and cleansing effects which goes on to improve the function of the lungs by expanding the alveolar ducts and sacs thereby strengthening the fiber in the tissue of the lungs. Bitter kola has very high antioxidant content for a healthy body

Bitter kola can be used for the treatment of bacterial infections, typhoid, tuberculosis, bronchitis e.t.c.

With all these health benefits, I think Bitter kola deserves the name Wonder Nut of Africa.

There are lots of other benefits of bitter kola that we will bring to your knowledge.

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