Tuesday, April 14, 2020


The governor of Anambra State has extended the lockdown for another 2 whole weeks. The effect of the first two (2) weeks lockdown has been so devastating. There are so many who have been finding it very hard to eat two (2) square meals in a day, and now they would have to deal with another two (2) weeks?
What happens to the okada rider who feeds his wife and children from the okada work? Meanwhile lots of them are hire purchase, and they have to pay a specific amount each day.
What happens to those who do daily jobs that enables them feed their family for the day?
I watched security agents harassing people today from morning till about few minutes past 4pm. They extorted monies from people who they think are weak and let many pass freely because they know them or because they were willing to pay money as the gate pass. I watched them beat a young guy who would not pay money and locked him up in the boot of their car.
Are the security agents getting better, or are they plunging deeper into wickedness?
Only God Can Save Us!

We were told of one corona virus case in Onitcha and we were interested to find out the latest information about the said man. After they found out that he does not have corona virus, are they not supposed to also update us that they were misinformed? But they were quick to announce an extension of two (2) weeks lockdown and used this man's case as one of the major reasons. They left us alone to carry on with the idea that there is corona virus in Anambra State Onitcha when there is actually none confirmed yet.
May Corona Virus Never Find It's Way To Anambra State.
Please Pray For This Country.
Pray For Anambra State
Pray For The Leadership Of This State.
When there is peace in the land, we all will live in safety.
We really need God's intervention in this whole equation!

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