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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Contaminated Test Kits? How? What Is Happening In The World?

President Magufuli Drops an Even Bigger revelation on Covid-19 That is really worth looking into.
President Magufuli of Tanzania just came out straight and made the most controversial statement to date, that these test kits are questionable!

In case you missed the report, he stated that the Tanzanian security wings sent "samples" for testing from goats, sheep, fruit and even engine oil labelled with made up names and a number came back positive including the one for a goat and a pawpaw!

That raised very serious questions for me namely...
Why would kits fail to distinguish between a sample from fruits and animals?
If these kits test positive, how is that possible?
Does this mean the kits are contaminated with Covid-19 already?
If not, how are animals and fruit giving positive results?
If these tests are not genuine, then what exactly is killing people at the moment all across the world?
Where is it from?

President Magufuli further implied that this could be a case of sabotage by an enemy as we are technically at war right now.

This raises even more questions!
Who would be so nefarious as to loose onto mankind such a disease?
What do they stand to gain?
Why would they send us "faulty kits"?

But even more shocking is...
Who is behind all this?

So... Too many questions, no answers in all honesty! Which now brings me to a very serious and  grave conclusion. Either President Magufuli and his people are being economic with the truth, or there is a serious conspiracy at play here.

At this time, the word conspiracy is almost like an insult and those who push such are seen as sick people who are just hell bent on scaring everyone.

But ask yourself these questions...
Why is Google, YouTube, Facebook and all leading Social Media platforms all of a sudden clamping down and "banning", shutting down or pulling down so many channels and videos of those  whom we term "truth sayers" or "truth channels"?
David Icke, Alex Jones, Xendruis, The NNN (Next News News Network), Dr. Rashid Buttar  and many others have all either had videos pulled down or channels shut down completely!
What happened to freedom of expression? Isn't Facebook all about freedom and truth?
Why is the mention of anything outside of the official news deemed subversive and clamped?

So, one African head of state has just come out in the open and called their bluff. Let's see what the powers that be do, whether this will even get any coverage on the main networks.

All I can do is watch very keenly. And meantime, let's purchase these meds from Madagascar, unless what I have always known about this so called AID is true, that it is only available when it is done to promote their own preferred drugs and experts.

I therefore await answers to the above questions which I know will come to light in due course as the truth always comes out in the end (depending on who wins this whole thing)! After all, history has been written by men who hanged heroes - so I never believe everything written in history books as much as stuff I see on the news!

I Think This Information Is Worth Sharing!

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