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Monday, June 8, 2020

If You're 40 Years And Above This Is For You.

As we grow older in age, there is nothing better than a total life style change to preserve us and keep us healthy.

After age 40, if you still want to keep living like a child, you might not make it passed middle age. If however, you make it, while living like a child, then you might suffer a lot of health problems as you age.

One of the first thing someone over 40yrs should consider, should be a life of moderation.

1. Drink moderately or avoid it completely.

2. Eat healthy and wisely.

3. Eat lots of fiber rich natural foods, vegetables, fruits, etc.

4. Avoid industry mass produced foods bcos of lots of unhealthy feed additives not on label.

5. Sleep enough and don't deprive yourself of sleep because of partying, hanging out and all such youthful desires.

6. Regular exercises should not be missed because at the age of 40 and above your vital organs will be needing some aiding to function properly through exercising.

Any man or woman who after 40 still consumes alcohol like a little boy or girl and indulge freely in all the things he or she did at age 20, or say 25, does not understand that the body is no more the same as it used to be.

Many deaths, stroke, erectile dysfunction issues, heart problems, etc, that occur amongst middle age people today, can be avoided if people of this age group will just embark on a life style change.

Lots of middle agers suffer like old men and die relatively early because they do not understand the difference between old and young age

When you're above 40yrs of age, you cannot play with Viagra because of erectile problem.  Lifestyle change is the answer.

At middle age a lot of changes takes place in the body that reduces the vitality of your body, so you may not be as strong as you used to be when you were young; therefore you can't put unnecessary pressures that only youthful bodies can take, on your aging body.

You should eat the last food of the day before or by 7pm, because anything after 8pm is poison to the system of a middle aged person.

Red meat should be substituted with white meat like poultry and fishes).

Sugar, iced cold water, lots of salt, should be avoided.

Load up on high fiber fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Your whole digestive system does slow as you age, so fiber is very important. Consume fiber rich foods such as whole grains, fruit, and vegetables. They will help you feel more energetic and give you fuel to keep going.

Regular check up on our blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, breast, prostrate and so on will be very helpful. use natural med than synthetics.

Health is wealth and this is the time to pay very good attention to your health.

After the age of 50, one may experience many types of illnesses, but the one I am most worried about is Alzheimer's. Not only would you not be able to look after yourself, but it would cause a lot of inconvenience to family members.

The tongue exercise is effective to reduce the onset of Alzheimer's and is also useful to reduce/improve the following:
Body weight
Blood clot in Brain
Ear buzzing
Throat infection
Shoulder / Neck infection

The moves  are very simple and easy to learn. Each morning, when you wash your face, in front of a mirror, do the exercise as below:

Stretch out your tongue and move it to the right then to the left for 10 times

If you do this tongue exercise daily, you would notice an improvement in your Brain Retention.
Your mind will be clear and fresh and there will be other improvements too.

Far sightedness lesser
No giddiness
Improved wellness
Better digestion
Lesser flu / cold

You will be stronger and more agile.

The tongue exercise helps to control and prevent Alzheimer's disease. Medical research has found that the tongue has connection with the BIG Brain. When our body becomes old and weak, the first sign to appear is that our tongue becomes stiff and often we tend to bite ourselves.
Frequently exercising your tongue  will stimulate the brain, help to reduce our thoughts from shrinking and thus achieve a healthier body.
As you reach the age of 50, you should also know that your libido will  reduce. Your sex performance will totally reduce. Nonetheless,  you still need to exercise yourself with sex,  especially in the morning with your spouse. Regular sex will keep you fit and agile, but don't over use yourself with several rounds at a go.
Prayer is another factor for the secret of good living, think less,  pray more.  Much thoughts may result to stroke, amnesia and all forms of psychological challenges. Silent prayers and scriptural  meditations will also assist your aging.

Your health is important to us and we will always bring you health tips that if applied correctly, will keep you in perfect health.

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