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Sunday, February 13, 2022

AB&CREW - Only You Be God (Prod. By Smile)

Check out this awesome worship tune that will make the atmosphere condusive for the Holy Spirit to freely peruse and perform the miraculous. 

It is coming from the desk of AB&CREW. AB&CREW have, and are still changing and impacting the lives of many in Nigeria and around the world with their very high taste of worship and praise. 


This worship tune tells of the awesomeness of God who sits in heaven and makes the earth His footstool; at the mention of whose name every knees bow.

You can connect with AB&CREW via Facebook @ AB&CREW and YouTube @ AB&CREW.

Please don't enjoy this awesome tune alone. Do well to share with your family, friends, and everyone else as freely as you have received. You may never know whose life you will affect positively.


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